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Sexy Roma Halloween Costumes


Sexy Roma Halloween Costumes


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  • Bat Vixen

    Bat Vixen

    Give a naughty spin to this nocturnal costume which includes a sultry black jumpsuit and fierce wing ...
    Model : RC-4487/4488
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $124.99

  • Bat Wings

    Bat Wings

    Add a powerful punch to your nocturnal costume with these fierce wings. The pointed wings sit comfor ...
    Model : RC-4488
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $45.99

  • Batwoman Babe

    Batwoman Babe

    Bat your eyes at this fun Batwoman costume. The costume includes a corset, cape and pants. Black fau ...
    Model : RC-4346
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $135.99

  • Black Cap

    Black Cap

    This baseball style Black Cap is a perfect accessory to any of our sultry law enforcement costumes! ...
    Model : RC-H4499
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $12.99

  • Black Cat Babe

    Black Cat Babe

    Step into this awesome black cat ensemble for the best night of your life. The look includes a sultr ...
    Model : RC-4324
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $124.99

  • Brown Cowgirl Hat

    Brown Cowgirl Hat

    This faux suede cowgirl hat features authentic looking details such as grommets and stitching. The p ...
    Model : RC-H4361
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $29.99

  • Bulletproof Babe

    Bulletproof Babe

    This SWAT costume means business. Battle the bad boys in is this awesome three-piece outfit complete ...
    Model : RC-4335
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $155.99

  • Bunny Babe

    Bunny Babe

    This gorgeous bunny rabbit get-up includes a leotard and ears. A slimming strapless leotard in black ...
    Model : RC-4507
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $95.99

  • Bunny Honey

    Bunny Honey

    This formal bunny costume includes a top, shorts and sweet ears. The tuxedo-style top has a pointed ...
    Model : RC-4279
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $64.99

  • Cheeky Cheetah

    Cheeky Cheetah

    Get dolled up in this jungle print costume. The shimmering look includes a leotard and ears. A gloss ...
    Model : RC-4509
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $75.99

  • Cherokee Hottie

    Cherokee Hottie

    This darling native look includes a midriff top, shorts and a headband. A bikini top dazzles with be ...
    Model : RC-4480
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $104.99

  • Cherokee Mistress

    Cherokee Mistress

    This beautiful Native American costume includes a spaghetti strap one-piece. The luminous white outf ...
    Model : RC-4476
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $143.99

  • Cherokee Princess

    Cherokee Princess

    This Native American inspired costume includes a dress and legwarmers. This pretty dress has feather ...
    Model : RC-4470/LW44
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $131.99

  • Cherokee Warrior

    Cherokee Warrior

    This foxy native costume includes the bandeau, shorts, arm bands, headband and necklace. A hot strap ...
    Model : RC-4205
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $64.99

  • Christmas Belle

    Christmas Belle

    Tame any wild beast with this sexy holiday minidress. The open-back minidress is made in red velvet ...
    Model : RC-C163
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $74.99

  • Come Hither Kitty

    Come Hither Kitty

    This punk-couture kitty cat costume proves why dressing up is so much fun. The costume includes a se ...
    Model : RC-4402
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $75.99

  • Cool Cat

    Cool Cat

    This rock-an-roll cat costume includes a jumpsuit and headband. Glossy black fabric makes for one se ...
    Model : RC-4072
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $95.99

  • Couture Kitty

    Couture Kitty

    This vampy cat costume includes a bodysuit and cute ears. A leather-like design rocks in black with ...
    Model : RC-4513
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $175.99

  • DEA Hat

    DEA Hat

    Walk in asserting your authority in this DEA ball cap! A sporty-chic black baseball style hat with D ...
    Model : RC-H103
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $17.99

  • Eskimo Temptress

    Eskimo Temptress

    Cool down with this cute chilly weather look which includes a hooded dress and leg warmers. A fitted ...
    Model : RC-4427/LW44
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $154.99

  • Foxy FBI Agent

    Foxy FBI Agent

    Ace your disguise in this cute FBI outfit that includes a black one-piece. This sultry leotard featu ...
    Model : RC-4499
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $50.99

  • Frostbite Baby

    Frostbite Baby

    This sexy Frosty the Snowman inspired costume includes the velvet romper and matching hat and scarf. ...
    Model : RC-C158
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $64.99

  • Fur Trimmed Hat

    Fur Trimmed Hat

    Fur trimmed Santa hat in beautiful emerald colored velvet. This hat is a perfect accent to any holi ...
    Model : rc-c162
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $15.99

  • Fur Trimmed Hat

    Fur Trimmed Hat

    This hot little green velvet Santa hat is trimmed in coordinating red faux fur. You're sure to be t ...
    Model : rc-c160
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $15.99

  • Glitter Rabbit

    Glitter Rabbit

    Snatch up this sweet rabbit costume with a leotard and ear headband to rock at your next costume par ...
    Model : RC-4408
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $75.99

  • Gun Leg Holster

    Gun Leg Holster

    This gun leg holster includes the gun holster with adjustable leg strap and toy gun. Adjustable stra ...
    Model : RC-G4332
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $39.99

  • Indian Seductress

    Indian Seductress

    This amped up costume for the polar winters includes a hooded dress and fluffy legwarmers. A white b ...
    Model : RC-4474/LW44
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $140.99

  • Lovely Leopard

    Lovely Leopard

    Let out your wild personality in this flirty leopard costume. The trendy costume includes a leotard ...
    Model : RC-4403
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $64.99

  • Mechanical Maiden

    Mechanical Maiden

    This futuristic costume includes a top and pants. A long sleeve mock-neck top is offset by a sexy cu ...
    Model : RC-4378
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $143.99

  • Mercenary Minx

    Mercenary Minx

    This unique and revealing costume will win you first place in the “sexy” category of a costume conte ...
    Model : RC-4493
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $149.99

  • Miss Mario

    Miss Mario

    Get your head-- and body in the game with this fun Mario Cart inspired costume. The look includes ov ...
    Model : RC-4494
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $62.99

  • Naughty Bunny

    Naughty Bunny

    Serve up a dish of hotness in this wickedly sexy bunny costume. The look includes a leotard and bunn ...
    Model : RC-4505
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $800.99

  • Naughty Ninja

    Naughty Ninja

    You may have a hard time relying on your ninja tactics in a look that’s so noticeably hot. This cost ...
    Model : RC-4491
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $105.99

  • Playful Tigress

    Playful Tigress

    This hot jungle-themed costume includes a long sleeve leotard and matching ears. A geometric cut out ...
    Model : RC-4508
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $70.99

  • Police Sunglasses

    Police Sunglasses

    You have the right to remain sexy in these aviator style police sunglasses. Add these to any law enf ...
    Model : RC-G101
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $14.99

  • Queen Bee Costume

    Queen Bee Costume

    This amazing queen bee costume includes the corset, skirt and headband. The fully-boned yellow corse ...
    Model : RC-4325
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $114.99

  • Ravishing Rabbit

    Ravishing Rabbit

    Make the men melt in this two-piece bunny costume which includes a leotard and ears. A strapless bla ...
    Model : RC-4407
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $75.99

  • Rhinestone Mask

    Rhinestone Mask

    This sexy rhinestone cat eye mask is the perfect accessory for many of our sexy cat woman costumes! ...
    Model : RC-M4402
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $25.99

  • Ride 'Em Cowgirl

    Ride 'Em Cowgirl

    A vixen cowgirl is irresistible; this fun costume includes a top, vest, chaps, shorts and a hat. Sad ...
    Model : RC-4483
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $115.99

  • Sequined Santa

    Sequined Santa

    This stunning one-piece is one of our favorites! Simple yet sensual, the red sequined romper has wh ...
    Model : RC-C168
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $72.99

  • Sexy DEA Damsel

    Sexy DEA Damsel

    Get intoxicated by this fine DEA costume. This three piece look includes a top, shorts, and backpack ...
    Model : RC-4334
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $75.99

  • Sexy Gladiator

    Sexy Gladiator

    Let the games begin in this ancient Roman inspired outfit which includes the shirt and skirt with go ...
    Model : RC-4342
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $115.99

  • Sexy Leopard

    Sexy Leopard

    We want to hear you roar in this sexy leopard look. The three-piece outfit includes a bodysuit, ears ...
    Model : RC-4404
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $64.99

  • Sexy Lil Ladybug

    Sexy Lil Ladybug

    This unique ladybug look includes shorts, a bra top and ears. High waisted short shorts have a polka ...
    Model : RC-4415
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $60.99

  • Sexy Little Elf

    Sexy Little Elf

    Made for a Sexy Little Elf, try this beautiful velvet dress (no shelf required). Made in green stre ...
    Model : RC-C159
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $59.99

  • Sexy Miss Kringle

    Sexy Miss Kringle

    We love this sexy Christmas dress! The strapless corset is made in red velvet with boning and rhine ...
    Model : RC-C169
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $108.99

  • Sexy Seussette

    Sexy Seussette

    Make Dr. Seuss proud in this revamped costume based on a classic character. The Cat in the Hat gets ...
    Model : RC-4497
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $104.99

  • Sexy SWAT Agent

    Sexy SWAT Agent

    This hot SWAT costume includes a vest, shirt, leggings, belt and garter. A top layer corset looks di ...
    Model : RC-4399
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $124.99

  • Sexy Tigress

    Sexy Tigress

    This jungle queen costume includes a jumpsuit and ears. Sassy tiger stripes almost look real in this ...
    Model : RC-4405
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $64.99

  • Starlet Bunny

    Starlet Bunny

    This glamizon costume will show just how pretty pink can be. The girlie two-piece costume classic co ...
    Model : RC-4406
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $75.99

  • Stocking Bow

    Stocking Bow

    Top any naughty pair of stockings off with these adorable bow accents. Designed to fit over your fa ...
    Model : rc-c167
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $11.99

  • SWAT Babe

    SWAT Babe

    You’ll have to swat the men away in this commanding outfit. It comes with a glamourous tank top and ...
    Model : RC-4498
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $84.99

  • SWAT Hat

    SWAT Hat

    This baseball style SWAT hat is a perfect accessory to many of our sexy law enforcement costumes! On ...
    Model : RC-H102
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $17.99

  • SWAT Squad Leader

    SWAT Squad Leader

    This promising all-black SWAT outfit includes a top and matching shorts. The fitted long sleeve top ...
    Model : RC-4333
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $115.99

  • Tiger Temptress

    Tiger Temptress

    This feisty tiger has come to play. The vampy animal-inspired look includes a halter top, skirt and ...
    Model : RC-4275
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $55.99

  • Tribal Princess

    Tribal Princess

    This tribal inspired costume hits a homerun for hotness. It includes a decorative bandeau top and sh ...
    Model : RC-4477
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $75.99

  • Web Crawler

    Web Crawler

    Capture your prey’s attention in this shimmering one-piece bodysuit. A mock-neck long sleeve leotard ...
    Model : RC-4489
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $124.99

  • White Gloves

    White Gloves

    White wrist length gloves. Perfect accessory for sexy Minnie Mouse, mime, and lots of other costumes ...
    Model : RC-GL102
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $12.99

  • Wild West Hottie

    Wild West Hottie

    Show up, show down and show off in this smoldering Western costume. The look includes a top, a jacke ...
    Model : RC-4481
    Manufacturer : Roma

    Price:  $80.99

Displaying 1 to 183 (of 183 products)
Result Pages:  1