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Testimonial by: Cassidy of Mermaid Beach, Australia

Date added: 06/09/2009

Title: Many Thanks!

I recently ordered a rhinestone key pendant and it arrived today. Just wanted to say thanks as it is gorgeous, was a VERY reasonable price and arrive quickly - oh and the shipping to Australia was cheap too! Will def use yr website again!

Testimonial by: Kiki of Maui, HI

Date added: 04/16/2009

Title: Husband loved it!

Thank you sooo much for the bridal corset I will definitely shop here again xoxo much lovee

Testimonial by: Sherine of Spain

Date added: 02/10/2010

Title: Lovely bikinis!

Hi..thx for sending my swimsuits so fast.. all of them, are just amazing =)

Testimonial by: Finley of Ireland

Date added: 04/25/2009

Title: Fast International Service

Hey, just received my package this morning, about 1 weeks earlier than i was expecting it (international shipping). Thanks lots guys, Im very satisfied with the quality and speed of the delivery, will definitely do business with you again in the future.

Testimonial by: Cindy

Date added:

Title: Hot dress, excellent service

Thank you so much for the excellent customer service. I received my dress the next, & received lots of compiments. I will definetly be doing business very, very soon. Once again, thank you so much.

Testimonial by: Tammy

Date added:

Title: Very fast!

Wow! I got my order already! You guys are fast, thank you. The stockings are awesome!

Testimonial by: Paulette

Date added:

Title: Thanks so much

Thanks so much, you have been a great help and just as awesome as my friends have described. I can't wait to receive my order.

Testimonial by: Jenny

Date added:

Title: Amazing!

Thanks! I surely will keep this address in my address book! 4 sure!!!! I just recommended this site too so many ppl & they've ACTUALLY seen how fast the delivery came & how fast the responses came 2 my inbox :D Now THEY are eager 2 try this site & tell their friends!!!!! Thanks For all u do :)

Testimonial by: Robin of Georgia

Date added: 04/16/2009

Title: Going the extra mile

Thanks so much for your email and for letting us know the mask has been shipped and that we will need to have someone available to sign for it. My daughter and I truly appreciate your efforts at shipping it out today so that she will have it in time for the prom tomorrow night. You really responded to our need for expedited handling. This is customer service the way it's supposed to be!

Testimonial by: Judy

Date added:

Title: Many thanks

Many thanks for your speedy service - this is GREAT! I am delighted to see that the other items are already in the system and on their way to me. This was my first time finding your company's web site and may I say how delighted I am with the products and especially the service. Thanks again... And happy new year!

Testimonial by: reannon earhart of Canada

Date added: 12/27/2012

Title: Love IT

Love the selections cant wait to recieve my order ;)

Testimonial by: Elly of UK

Date added: 06/14/2010

Title: Quick International Shipping!

It said 2-4 weeks, but it came within a week! So surprised and so happy! I was a little bit worried about the sizing, but it fits perfectly! My mans gonna love it when we go on holiday! thankyooou =D x

Testimonial by: Florbela of Spain

Date added: 02/11/2010

Title: Thanks

Thanks for the quality of your products. I loved and everything is perfect. be assured that you won a new customer. Greetings!

Testimonial by: Angela

Date added:

Title: Thank you soooo much!

I just wanted you to know that I got the costume!!! Thank you soooo much! I'm sorry I was so difficult, I just really wanted to get the costume! Thanks for being so patient and responding to my emails and phone calls!! Happy halloween

Testimonial by: Robin D. of CA

Date added: 05/01/2009

Title: Everything I have I have ever wanted

OMG, I cannot believe that this site has everything I have I have ever wanted. I am so excited to save so much money on quality merchandise!

Testimonial by: Alia of North Carolina

Date added: 04/28/2009

Title: Very Pleased

Just wanted to say thank you muchly for my order (very slinky and exactly what I was expecting) and all your help. I'm going to get approval from my man this weekend!

Testimonial by: Faith of United Kingdom

Date added: 04/19/2009

Title: Fantastic Costume

You are right, it did clear customs and made it here on time!!! The costume is great, I admit I was nervous ordering this online.. But the costume is fantastic - definitely will recommend this website and for future purchases. Thanks!

Testimonial by: Meagan

Date added:

Title: Cool Rewards Program!

Awesome costumes and points program... usually points programs you have to spend lots to get little. I really like that addition to the site and will order my costumes here every year!

Testimonial by: Tanya of New York, NY

Date added: 04/11/2009

Title: Re-Ordered

Thanks for all your help, I already re ordered and promptly received the package at another adress, I really appreciate all your efforts!

Testimonial by: Amanda

Date added:

Title: Refreshing service

Thank you so much you guys give superb service and I will definitely be shopping and recommending your website in the future. It is very refreshing to get such great customer service. Thanks again and please feel free to forward my contact info to any of your managers I will gladly give feedback. In addition to this purchase I also had 2 inquiries that were handled very promptly and I am very pleased so far!

Testimonial by: Jenny F. of Florida

Date added: 04/12/2009

Title: Cute Bikini

I received my bathing suit yesterday and it is fantastic. I have had the hardest time looking for a bathing suit and this one was great (I ordered the cherry bikini). Thanks for the fast shipping and excellent customer service. I will definitely order from you again.

Testimonial by: Riley of New York

Date added: 04/28/2009

Title: Top Notch Service

Thank you so much...It helps big time! And since I liked that bow so much I will probably purchase it anyway. Thanks again for all of your assistance! You have a great company who is willing to assist their customers, which is hard to find. Thanks!

Testimonial by: Victoria M of New Jersey

Date added: 10/09/2009

Title: Excellent service!

!Fantastic selection of lingerie! Very cute items and very affordable! Great quality products as well! Shipping was quick (and free) and all items were received exactly as described! I am very happy with everything I ordered. The boyfriend was very satisfied as well! Will definitely be shopping on this site very often. Thanks

Testimonial by: Anne of Canada

Date added: 05/05/2009

Title: Thanks

Thank you so much for your help and swift reply.

Testimonial by: Michelle

Date added:

Title: Thanks and sorry!

I Love you for what you have done for me after the a-hole that I was, I don't deserve that kind of service, but thanks so very very much. I know my daughter will absolutely love your product and will want me to order all the time.

Testimonial by: tori macgregor of Canada

Date added: 09/24/2011

Title: LOVE

Thanks so much for the amazing halloween costume i received last year! Buying off your site again, just searching for the costume i want!

Testimonial by: Kimmy P.

Date added:

Title: Unbelievably FAST

Hi there, I received my order today and I must say that I am completely impressed! I ordered my items late in the day just yesterday and needed them Express shipped. WOW! They arrived first thing this morning and I didn't even order until late in the day yesterday! I was blown away when my order arrived this morning! That was the fastest processing I've ever seen! I didn't have to email, call, check..nothing! It was here in the blink of an eye! I cannot thank you enough as I needed these items so quickly!

Testimonial by: Jennifer of Ontario, Canada

Date added: 04/16/2009

Title: Awesome service

Thank you! Awsome service and I can hardly wait for my order to arrive! Again, thank you so much for all your help!

Testimonial by: Saron

Date added:

Title: Amazing service

This is one of the best customer services I have had in a really long time. Thank you and I appreciate it very much!

Testimonial by: Katie of Florida

Date added: 04/19/2009

Title: Great selection

I'm really glad I stumbled across your website because I'm going to be needing a halloween costume soon. Your customer support is wonderful and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Testimonial by: Teresa Dornberger

Date added:

Title: Love Them

I love this site! They have some of the best lingerie there is. This company has improved my love life so much. I do not know what I would do without them. They will be a part of my life for a long time. I would encourage everyone to try this site out. they offer such geat deals and such a wide variety! Try them and you will love it.

Testimonial by: Lauren of Colorado

Date added: 10/21/2009

Title: Love it!

I love you guys! I am actually probably going to get it by Halloween. Thank you!

Testimonial by: Simona of Spain

Date added: 01/27/2010

Title: thanks!!!

thanks!!! the dress is fantastic!!!! I'll buy again!!!!!

Testimonial by: Linly of Orlando, FL

Date added: 04/25/2009

Title: Outstanding

Thank you so much you guys are fabulous and your Customer Care is outstanding.

Testimonial by: Shelly of New Zealand

Date added: 04/28/2009

Title: THANX

THANX SOOO MUCH for the cute set and knickers! We luv them so much! Also full credit to your ordering system and staff for such fast despatch... even to New Zealand! We will definately order thru you again!!

Testimonial by: Sharlene of MI

Date added: 04/19/2009

Title: Your guys are fast!

Thank you for fast reply! I got my order today and I am very pleased. Wow, you guys work fast! And the clothes are absolutely gorgeouse. I love it! I know I'm going to order from you again. Thanks again

Testimonial by: kortney

Date added:

Title: Wonderful

I recieved my first set of lingerie from your site today and tried it on and loved it, it was absolutely wonderful. i will most definitely recommend to other friends and will oh so gladly order from you guys again thanks so much for a wonderful experience.

Testimonial by: Shelby of Reno, NV

Date added: 04/19/2009

Title: Fast and Efficient. Thanks!

Your customer service is wonderful and the shipping was so fast. Thank you! I will shop with you guys again in the future.

Testimonial by: Mischa of Rhode Island

Date added: 04/25/2009

Title: Couldn't be more pleased!

Thank you so very much for your awesome QUICK service! I will be back! And, I will pass your website to others, too!

Testimonial by: Brynn Dickinson

Date added:

Title: Beautiful!!

I ordered a couple of thongs in different colors, and a costume, and me (and my boyfriend) both love them! I ordered two weeks ago and it already came within a week and a half. Thanks!

Testimonial by: Brad of California

Date added: 02/24/2010

Title: What a selection!

Hello there! I just now found your website! Its awesome! is wonderful and I love what I see. You have the best items I've ever seen on or in a Lingerie shop.

Testimonial by: Carmen of Washington State

Date added: 10/22/2010

Title: LOVE!

AWESOME products!!! I was shocked at how fast my items arrived...I will most DEFINITELY be ordering again!

Testimonial by: Manuel of Australia

Date added: 08/18/2010

Title: Fast!

Fast fast fast service, thanks lalalingerie, we'll do business again, cheers.

Testimonial by: Tom H. of Central New York

Date added: 02/08/2010

Title: Tomi

You guys are awesome! I am a married guy and I love to dress up, so i finally got a po box and ordered some sexy lingerie and I am in extacy! I love all my lingerie but some things are a little small but that is ok as I will keep those items and try to fit into them. I love You GuYs!

Testimonial by: Carol of IA

Date added: 04/25/2009

Title: Thanks so much

I'm still so impressed at how great you are at getting back to customers! You have no idea how refreshing it is to have great personal customer service from an online lingerie store! :)

Testimonial by: Sabra of United Kingdom

Date added: 04/19/2010

Title: Instock + Fast Shipping!

Dear Lala Lingerie team: You have just saved the day - many many thanks. Will recommend your site to all the gals :-)

Testimonial by: kaylynn harrison of mississippi

Date added: 03/13/2014

Title: this site is amazing

this site has great prices and fast shipping I have not been able to find a site as good as this one the prices are unbelievably cheap and the products are made with great material I am going to refer all my girlfriends to this site y'all are doing an amazing job

Testimonial by: Matthew of Ohio

Date added: 04/25/2009

Title: Very cool. thanks.

I just wanted to tell you that you have a very well maintained website with all the information i could ever need to buy anything. and i also wanted to thank you for keeping me up to date with my order. it's good to know when things have been shipped out so you're customers aren't worried about the status of their orders. thanks.

Testimonial by: Denise

Date added:


OH THANK YOU SO VERY MUCh! I hope you have a great weekend! and I will definately recommend you to my friends. keep up the great customer service. I have worked with some of your competitors and they are not as quick to solve an issue. Thank you again.

Testimonial by: Jackie

Date added:

Title: Love your company

Have ordered before and was quite pleased with your customer service. They helped my HUSBAND figure out my size and ordered a surprise birthday gift for him!

Testimonial by: Holly of California

Date added: 04/17/2009

Title: Great service

I just wanted to drop a note thanking you for my wonderful bikinis!!! They are VERY cute!! I also want to compliment the customer service department. I emailed you asking about my shipment (I thought that I would have already received my shipment and it had been a week) and I was emailed back very promptly and received my shipment about 1 day later! This kind of service is very hard to find in an online store - and I am always shopping online. Thank you so much for everything! You have definitely gained a lifetime customer!!!!

Testimonial by: Carrie

Date added:

Title: Loving LaLaLingerie!

Thank you! I really appreciate it! You have great customer service! My roommate ordered hers from another site and is hating herself now. She ordered before me and it still hasn't come in and there is no number on the website for her to call. Thanks again!

Testimonial by: Karen of Ontario, Canada

Date added: 04/09/2009

Title: So cute!

Just wanted to let you know I just received the costumes in the mail and Im so happy with them not to mention your service! They are so cute, and quality is great for price (evn with our poor exchange rate) :) Thanks heaps!!

Testimonial by: Justine

Date added:

Title: Amazing outfit

Great, amazing! Thank you so much again for all the help and for being so understand!!! I cant say how much I LOVE this outfit!!!

Testimonial by: jayme

Date added:

Title: You Rock!

OMG thank you so much you guys! You are so awesome! I love your site and I will continue to buy cool stuff from you guys! Thanks! You rock!

Testimonial by: Olivia P. of Sunny San Diego

Date added: 04/11/2009

Title: Thank you guys

Thank you guys so much! Excellent customer service. I got my costume on time and it's quality! I also wanted to let you know the marine costume did come with a vinyl belt! I'm very pleased. Thanks again!

Testimonial by: Dana of California

Date added: 12/08/2009

Title: Wow!

Thank you for such fast shipping & great service!! I couldn't believe my order arrived the very next day!! Awesome!!

Testimonial by: Sue Patterson of Los Angeles, CA

Date added: 04/17/2009

Title: Fastest standard shipping

Thank you so much for sending me my purchase so quickly! I ordered it Thursday and received it Saturday! That's by far the fastest delivery I've ever gotten from anyone! THANKS! I'll definitely be buying from you again! Your prices are so amazing too! I love the discounts and the deals :)

Testimonial by: Happy Customer of Seattle, WA

Date added: 05/19/2009

Title: Impressive!

Impressive! I can't believe the quick response time that occurred between the time I ordered and the time my order was shipped! Thank you :)

Testimonial by: Megan of Detroit

Date added: 04/11/2009

Title: Wow!

Thank you so much for answering back . I've never had a company respond so quickly. You guys do such a great job, Just wanted to say thank you again!

Testimonial by: Faith Goodale

Date added:

Title: Lightening Fast Shipping!

Thanks so much! I got the package on Saturday afternoon! That was wonderful! Thanks SO much again!

Testimonial by: Mel

Date added:

Title: You guys are so awesome!

At my bridal shower, some of my friends bought me some lingerie from this site. On my wedding night, my hubby absolutely couldn't take his eyes off me! I don't trust anyone else with my lingerie! Thank you so much!

Testimonial by: Danae St George of Perth, Australia

Date added: 10/12/2010

Title: Love it!

Could easily spend hundreds at this store! I am so thrilled with my purchases and amazed at how quickly these arrived to Australia. It felt like Christmas all over again. I definitely will be buying from here again.

Testimonial by: kelly robinson of Michigan

Date added: 08/02/2010

Title: this site is awsome

This site is great I have been looking for a site like this for a very long time. It is great that you finally can buy stuff and still get rewards out of it I plan on spending allot of time on this site buy things until I can not any more

Testimonial by: Chrissy

Date added:

Title: Love the costume selection!!

You are the best! I wait 364 days a year for halloween, and your site always helps me with the best costume. Love it. I will spread the word for sure.

Testimonial by: Stacy Johannes of Pennsylvania

Date added: 07/23/2011

Title: service!

After ordering and having a few questions from another site and getting a sassy mouthed young woman. i ordered from here absolutely flawlessly. there is no need to ever go out to buy undies again! thank you so much!

Testimonial by: J

Date added:

Title: Best lingerie ever!

This is awesome! I got three awesome sets of lingerie and it was awesome! Love it!

Testimonial by: Lesley

Date added:

Title: Exceptional!

My order arrived early this week. I am extremely happy and excited with the products ordered and would like to thank you on your exceptional shipping service. I will definitely be placing further orders with you. Thank-you again.

Testimonial by: Chanelle of Canada

Date added: 06/30/2009

Title: Thank you!

Thank you very much for your email .... The costume has arrived & I absolutely LOVE IT !! Thanks again for the fabulous service :)

Testimonial by: Stacy J of PA

Date added: 07/25/2011

Title: ordering is a snap!

oh my goodness you would not belive what ive had to go through to order things on other sites. pop up after popup got so confusing. things didnt send, there were error messages.... but not here. oh no, ordering is a snap and not a thing went wrong. i swear this site is a one in a million.

Testimonial by: Alicia of Washington

Date added: 04/25/2009

Title: Much Appreciated!

I really do appreciate your service.. when i paid for Express i was doubting that it would still be here in time.. i ordered my package on thurs and received it on sat.. Thanks!! now i can go to Cabo San Lucas Mexico looking cute in my new Swim Suit!!!

Testimonial by: Natalie of Canada

Date added: 03/04/2010

Title: Best selection

Thanks very much - so excited about my costume! You definitely have the best selection of costumes I've found!

Testimonial by: Sharon of Atlanta, GA

Date added: 04/12/2009

Title: Love em!

I just wanted to let you know that I received my boots today. They are slamming! Even better than I imagined. Thank You so much again for ALL of your help. I truly look forward to doing business with you again! =)

Testimonial by: Francesca

Date added:

Title: Great

Thank you for all your help. Lala Lingerie is a wonderful store and the employees help so much. Thank you and the refund for 15 percent less sounds great. Thank you for everything and have a nice day.

Testimonial by: Kent

Date added:

Title: Wifes Loves It

To who it concerns, I just recieved my item which was ordered. I greatly appreciate the response from your team, putting my concerns to rest concerning devlivery date. My wife absolutely loves the costume. Thank you ever so much

Testimonial by: JENN of TUCSON, AZ

Date added: 04/11/2009



Testimonial by: Anonymous

Date added:

Title: Great!

Thank you so much for the help! i appreciate it! I will send the other pair back as soon as i receive the other pair. I think shes gonna be very happy when she gets these =) thank you again.

Testimonial by: Hanna

Date added:

Title: Brilliant service

My outfit arrived in time and it was wonderful. Thank you for your brilliant service. I will be definitely using it again! Thank you

Testimonial by: Heather of Maine

Date added: 04/17/2009

Title: Wow :)

Wow!!! Thanks so much for helping me out! I really appreciate you going the extra mile...that is what I call Customer Service!!! I will be happy to pay for the express shipping, just let me know the amount and where to remit payment. I thank you again for your prompt reply and exceeding my expectations! Hope you have a GREAT day!

Testimonial by: Mary of AU

Date added: 04/17/2009

Title: Unbelievable Prices

I can’t believe your prices and efficiency. I received my order in Australia in 8 days and am soooooooo impressed with every item... love the boots! I will definitely be purchasing much more from you in future and have forwarded the website details to all my friends. Thank you so much.

Testimonial by: Matt of Buffalo, NY

Date added: 04/21/2011

Title: Great selection!

This website is the GREATEST! I ordered lingerie for my girlfriend & I & she was very pleased with the selection that this website had! The shipping was great too as our order came in just a few days after our purchase. We are overly pleased with lalalingerie & will be recommending it to all of our friends on Facebook & Twitter & we will also be shopping here next time we need lingerie! Thank you LLL!! :) - Matt & Chelsea

Testimonial by: Mrs. Rinn

Date added:

Title: Very good!

I really like this site and the rewards program! I buy a lot of stuff and it comes so fast and i cant wait to use it with my hubby! thanks so much i love this company, the peopple, and the products!

Testimonial by: Anna of Australia

Date added: 04/16/2009

Title: Fast International Shipping

Thanks for that, having problems with my credit card but will attempt to sort it out asap. In any case, several of my friends have ordered from LaLa Lingerie for an upcoming party. They were VERY impressed with not only how cute my costume was but how quickly it got here - quicker than domestic Australia!

Testimonial by: Summer of Puerto Rico

Date added: 03/18/2014

Title: Great Products!

Great selection, amazing prices and the best customer service that I've found!

Testimonial by: Kate of UK

Date added: 07/31/2009

Title: Many thanks

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with you guys. I placed my order 5 days ago, as I have been looking everywhere on the internet in UK for "something blue" for my wedding in 6 months time. My order came today, and was amazing! I was giving up hope of finding what I wanted, but your site had exactly the style and colour. I've even recommended you to friends in Spain. Many thanks.

Testimonial by: Nicola of United Kingdom

Date added: 07/09/2009

Title: Great Service

I wanted to say thank you for the service I received from your company when ordering my strawberry shortcake outfit; the updates I received on the order status were very welcome as was the speed of turnaround on the order.

Testimonial by: Sandra of Netherlands

Date added: 07/22/2009

Title: Great Experiance

I wanted to thank you for your quick responds to my email and update you on the fact i received the parcel today. i am totally happy with the outfit and it has been great doing business with your company.

Testimonial by: Lyn of PA

Date added: 04/11/2009

Title: Best Service Ever!

Thank you for the email. It is nice to know there are people out there like you, that have great customer service skills and always go the extra mile. I really appreciate the extra effort you took by providing other choices to the out of stock item. I know it would have been easier and faster for you just to ship the in stock items with a note stating that the garter belt was out of stock. Again......THANK YOU!!! Please replace the out of stock item with the first choice that you listed: prod=LA8889 I would like to order it in black. Again, thank you for everything!!!

Testimonial by: James of Michigan

Date added: 04/12/2009

Title: Thanks

Thanks for all your help this is the best customer service I have had in years.

Testimonial by: Peter of Germany

Date added: 10/23/2009

Title: Perfect

I would like to say "Thank you" for the absolutely perfect and very quick service. It has taken one week only from the order until I got the clothes at my home in Germany, and the quality is satisfying all demands, too. Best regards

Testimonial by: Ken of Bakersfield, CA

Date added: 04/09/2009

Title: Great!

Thanks for your email, i recieved the goods yesterday, shortly after contacting you! Great shorts, great service! Thanks

Testimonial by: Simona of Romania

Date added: 04/26/2010

Title: So Happy

I would like to let you know that I've been sooo glad with what I've received. I made a few orders from the states and I rarely received something to be worth spending on it. I was soo happy with what i've received from you and the fact that I didn't need to return or change the sizes, that i'm oline now making my second order! Thank you once again!

Testimonial by: Tomi of New York

Date added: 01/13/2010

Title: Love you guys

You guys are awesome! I wish I found LaLa Lingerie before I ordered from FOH. I Ordered from them on a Sat.and also with you on the same day, Then ordered the next Sat from LaLa and received that order the same day as the FOH order. You guys are fast and I love my lingerie! I can't wait to try everything on! Thank You!

Testimonial by: Happy customer of Toronto

Date added: 04/11/2009

Title: Thank you

Thanks for the voucher, am sure to use it on my next purchase. Am very happy with previous purchases and have recomended your sight to other people.

Testimonial by: Shane of Australia

Date added: 04/19/2009

Title: Thank you

Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived here downunder in really quick time, I really appreciated the great service in fact so much that I have just placed another order with you. I have ordered some clothing though another site at the same time and am still waiting for a confirmation that the order has been sent. So keep up the great work and thank you the cocktail dress is so beautiful I can not wait to see my lady in it, and have ordered another in a different colour, guess we will be going out for dinner a lot now.

Testimonial by: Nicole

Date added:

Title: Thanks Lindsay!

You've been so very helpful. You're great. I'm in sales myself ... and I greatly value amazing customer service. So, many cheers to you sweetie.

Testimonial by: Dawn of San Francisco, CA

Date added: 04/19/2009

Title: SO fast!

I would like to first thank you so much for such fast (and free!) shipping on my recent order. In the middle of last week, I ordered two pieces of lingerie and a pair of vintage style back seamed thigh high stockings. I received the order within two days! thank you for offering such cool products and an awesome website as well as super fast, free shipping!

Testimonial by: Breanna Smith

Date added:

Title: Great Shoe's

I brought some platform heels from this site at which was very simple to use and received them in a very timley fashion i also have to say that i absolutly love the shoes!!! They are really of good quality and look great with my lingerie. Thanx a bunch!!

Testimonial by: Ann

Date added:

Title: Great Service

I really appreciate your prompt and courteous customer service. All too rare these days. Take care!

Testimonial by: Mia of Colorado

Date added: 04/19/2009

Title: Perfect fit

Got the costume today. Love it! Fits great. I was shocked cause i'm only 5 feet tall and thought it would be big. Thanks for all your help. Great customer service. I'll definitely use your site again. Have a good one.

Testimonial by: Nora of Winnipeg, Canada

Date added: 04/28/2009

Title: Amazingly Fast!

I just got my third order from you guys and love it! And I was amazed that it only took about three days to get here (Winnipeg, Canada) - including a weekend. Definitely the fastest shipping ever.

Testimonial by: Shanel of Reno

Date added: 04/28/2009

Title: Awesome

Cool, you guys are awesome! I received both the wings & the costume today and it looks great! I'm going to refer everyone to your website!

Testimonial by: Simona of Spain

Date added: 01/16/2010

Title: Yes!

yes!!!!! you and all the staff of lalalingerie are fantastic!!!!!! good!!! I and my friends will buy again! thanks

Testimonial by: Kaylin of New York

Date added: 09/29/2009

Title: YAY!


Testimonial by: Anne-Laure of France

Date added: 04/12/2009

Title: Thank you for your help

Thank you so much for understanding and i am sorry for the inconvenience. I have never bought shoes online before but after this i now know what my american size is. I also just would like to add that your customer service has been absolutely fantastic and i will definitely continue shopping with lalalingerie. Thanx again, i will be sending the shoes back on Monday.

Testimonial by: Az Evans of UK

Date added: 06/11/2010

Title: Lovely

I just wanted to thank you guys for such a lovely experience with your products :) I bought a corset from you a while ago and it was just beautifully made, so thanks so much :) Definitely worth it, and i'll definitely be shopping with you again! Please keep up the good work, and the good fits that you provide. Usually I find it difficult to search for a bra that actually FITS me, but you get it spot on! Well done :). Thanks.

Testimonial by: Jen of Queensland, AU

Date added: 04/16/2009

Title: Cant believe how quick

Emailed earlier last week asking what the estimated time of delivery of my package would be to Australia as I was concerned I was not going to get it. It has arrived today – 6 days which is very quick! Thank you very much for your prompt shipping of my costume it has taken one less stress away from organising a dress-up party! Will definitely be using LaLa Lingerie again.

Testimonial by: Kara of LA

Date added: 04/28/2009

Title: One Happy Customer!

I recently got my order and was very impressed at the quallity of the outfits and how well everything was packaged. It was money well worth spent. I ordered these outfits as a surprise for my husband before he leaves for Iraq for 18 months. He definately enjoyed them as well. Thank you for great customer service. I will be doing business with you again.

Testimonial by: Adriana Patricia Lopez Henao of Colombia

Date added: 09/20/2010

Title: Felicitaciones

La atención que recibi fue excelente, aunque no llego todo el pedido no tuve inconveniente con el reembolso del dinero, gracias por su honestidad

Testimonial by: Helena of Mississippi

Date added: 04/12/2009

Title: Thanks

Thanks so much for being prompt with your reply and notifications. I have ordered the same costume at another site, the price isn't as great as your site offers, but it will have to do. I will be looking forward to my refund. Thank you again, for your prompt reply.

Testimonial by: Francine

Date added:

Title: Thank you

I received the costume on Friday, so everything turned out perfect. Thank you for all your assisstance. The costume is lovely. Thank you all of you at LaLa Lingerie!

Testimonial by: Jessica L of Washington

Date added: 08/17/2010

Title: Thanks

Thanks for informing me. Fast shipping on the other items - I was very impressed! I am excited to try them on! You guys have a lot of cute stuff!

Testimonial by: Sandy of Arizona

Date added: 07/13/2009

Title: Fun place to shop

Your company is awesome and so positive and cheerful. Thanks for making a difference in this business.

Testimonial by: Corinne M.

Date added:

Title: Fast fast fast!

Now that's service! They shipped already! I love internet shopping!

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